Ethics Training Program for State Employees and Appointees 2022

To complete State of Illinois online Ethics Training Program for State Employees and Appointees 2022, you need an account. If you work for the State or have previously been issued an account, you can use that to begin training. If you don't, please contact your Ethics Officer or Administrator to determine how your agency issues accounts.

Take the Training

When your Ethics Officer confirms you are added to OneNet, you may start the training. You will be asked to log in using your Illinois account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to move between slides by:

  • clicking the "next" or "back" links in the lower right or left corners
  • pressing the right or left arrow keys on your keyboard
  • swiping right or left on your smartphone or tablet

You will be asked to answer questions along the way. You need to answer these questions before you can go to the next slide. (Don't worry, if you get one wrong, you can try again.)

IMPORTANT! After you enter the above information, you must click the "I certify" button to get credit for completing the course.

After you click the "I certify" button, you will see a screen that says "Training Completed" and gives you a link to view, save, or print your training certificate.

If you get interrupted or get an error message, try starting the training again -- it should pick up right where you left off.


Start the training by clicking: Ethics Training Program for State Employees and Appointees 2022

Additional Resources

For more information about Ethics Training for Appointees to State of Illinois Boards, please contact your Ethics Officer: