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It is the mission of CMS to provide efficient, timely and compliant services and resources to agencies, leading State personnel functions to recruit, develop, engage, and retain an inclusive, highly-qualified, and diverse workforce.


Rutan Interviewer Certification to Sunset on 12/31/2021

Over 4,900 individuals statewide have completed the CMS Interviewer Certification Training within OneNet!

This was a first step to sunset the Rutan Interviewing certifications which are now vastly outdated with the State's progression toward an electronic and more robust process for structured interviews and alignment with the Comprehensive Employment Plan (CEP). Structured interviews will continue with the current CMS Interview procedures and what was formerly known as Rutan Interviewer Training shall be CMS Interviewer Training.

Rutan Certified individuals will need to complete the OneNet CMS Interviewer Certification Training if they have not already done so to be involved in interviews from 01/01/2022 forward. CMS will archive all Rutan Interviewer Certifications on 12/31/21 and the CMS Interviewer Certification will be required for all interviewers.

Comprehensive Employment Plan (CEP)

The Comprehensive Employment Plan (CEP) (pdf) sets forth the principles that will govern the State's hiring and employment policies and procedures for positions at agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor. This CEP applies to current State employees as well as all applicants and candidates for State positions. The Office of the Governor and the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) may issue guidance for adhering to this CEP.

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